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Complete-e helps start-ups and established companies to "unleash their e-potential" and build new Internet ventures from conceptualization through the early financing stages. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to consulting, Complete-e Strategies supports clients with a wide range of services:
o  E-potential Evaluation for established corporations:

o  Start-up Evaluation for start-ups and investors:

o  Concept and Business Plan Development:

o  Path-to-Market Development:

o  Early Venture Development:

o  Viability Analysis for Companies in Crisis:

o  E-potential Workshops

For established corporations that lack the management team and focus required to promptly bring a new venture to market, Complete-e Strategies employs its innovative "e-business surrogacy" solution. This solution assists established companies in identifying untapped "genetic material" in their corporate assets, and to conceive of an entirely new, but complementary, line of business on the Web. To avoid delay, Complete-e then steps in to give birth to the new entity by serving as interim management.

In an arrangement that is well aligned with both the needs of client companies and employees, Complete-e's team members receive as part of their compensation structure an equity stake directly in the new Internet spin-offs they help to create.

Complete-e Strategies is based in New York City and was founded in January of 2000 by respected Internet strategists Ron Dayan, Helen Bennett, Kristy Weiler, and Michael Clausen. The company is backed by The Sunrise Financial Group.

Inter@ctive Week
"Sanity Test: Curbing Cash Burn"
by Ron Dayan

IQPC eConsolidation Conference
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