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.Start-up Evaluation
The Complete-e Strategies team conducts start-up evaluations for clients, assessing strategic investment or partnership opportunities with start-up companies. Complete-e will recommend partnerships with or investments in those companies that will build upon and complement the client's strengths.

Complete-e conducts start-up evaluations in 2 formats:

1) Initial Opportunity Analysis: Several days of extensive research and analysis to assess the viability of the proposed venture, covering issues such as:
o  target market

o  competitive landscape

o  unique value proposition

o  competitive advantage

o  barriers to entry

o  window of opportunity

o  revenue model

o  intitial technical and organizational feasibility

2) Complete Venture Evaluation: Several weeks of in-depth analysis, resulting in a detailed partnership or investment recommendation, and suggested due diligence actionable steps. The analysis covers issues such as:
o  business model

o  competitive landscape

o  market opportunity

o  cost-benefit and market alignment

o  company viability

o product development status

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