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e-Venture Evaluation
Complete-e assists clients in creating a standout position in the online marketplace through a proprietary e-venture evaluation methodology:

E-potential Evaluation for established corporations looking to launch a new Internet venture based on their legacy assets

Start-up Evaluation for start-ups and investors looking to refine or evaluate new business concepts

Our proprietary methodology for e-venture evaluations include:
o  a thorough SWOT analysis

o  a competitive analysis and audits

o  an e-commerce suitability analysis

o  a channel role evaluation

o  a barriers-to-entry evaluation

o  a cost-benefit and market alignment analysis

Concept and Business Plan Development
By assessing the competitive prospects for a variety of business model concepts, Complete-e aids clients in the evaluation and development of a model most suitable for attaining their corporate objectives. Once a business model is recommended, the Complete-e team offers strategic technology and marketing guidelines for its implementation. Following development and refinement of the business concept and plan, Complete-e will assist clients in securing buy-in from senior-level management, board and investors.

Our businesses planning services include:

o  Value proposition differentiation

o Positioning strategies

o  Product development strategies

o  Financial modeling

o  Partnership strategies

o  Executive buy-in presentations

Path-to-Market Development
After attaining executive buy-in, Complete-e Strategies guides clients in developing a detailed path-to-market strategy.

Market entry: Complete-e suggests viable routes to market and develops market entry strategies to secure a sustainable competitive advantage for clients, taking into consideration potential barriers and timing concerns.

Our market entry strategy services include:

o  Market analysis

o  Positioning

o  Naming and initial brand identity development

o  Presentation and demo development

o  Strategic partnership analysis and recommendations

o  Optimized path-to-market plan
Partnering: The Complete-e team researches and recommends strategic partnerships that will form the foundation for clients' future financing, product development and marketing efforts. Complete-e manages negotiations and relationships with these partners including:

o  Introduction and negotiations

o  Assistance in development of contractual requirements and obligations

o  Development of compensation and/or success fees

Financing: Through our relationships with The Sunrise Financial Group, a leading technology investment firm, and other investors, Complete-e provides clients with access to the capital required to build new Internet ventures and develops a comprehensive financing plan designed to grow the business.

Early Venture Development
Once a market entry strategy has been determined, Complete-e devises development strategies to facilitate a prompt route to market for our clients. Complete-e offers various levels of involvement to complement client's needs, from consulting to assuming hands-on management responsibilities. For corporations already short on resources, we offer the e-Business Surrogacy solution, allowing them to outsource the entire seed and proof of-concept effort.

Our early venture development services include:
o  Technical requirements and feasibility analysis

o  Organizational development and staffing needs analysis

o  Project planning and scoping

o  Prototyping

o  Partnership introductions and negotiations

o  Vendor selection and contracting with:
     - Interactive agencies
     - Public relations firms
     - Legal and accounting service
     - Recruitment agencies

Viability Analysis for Companies in Crisis
Complete-e Strategies offers targeted business consulting services to clients in financial crisis by helping them to cut costs and recognize the untapped potential in their corporate assets.

Using its proprietary methodology, Complete-e assists clients in determining how the Internet can be leveraged to stimulate growth, create new sources of revenue and become a platform for an entirely new, but complementary, line of business.

Complete-e also conducts viability analyses to determine whether a client should sell or consolidate an Internet initiative to cut costs. Complete-e's multidisciplinary approach combines business planning, positioning and partnership strategy to provide tailored solutions that revive brand enthusiasm and restore investor confidence.

The components of Complete-e's crisis management consulting services include:
Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

Viability Analysis
o  Sources of funding

o  Competitive environment

o  Competitive advantage

o  Growth and ability to scale

o  Management strength

o  Channel Role and E-commerce Suitability Analysis

E-Potential Cross-Evaluation
o  New Initiatives or Repositioning

o  Consolidation
E-Potential Workshops
With exclusive "e-Potential Workshops", Complete-e Strategies' team of analysts and researchers help clients determine and evaluate a range of e-business strategies including: new ventures, strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.

The workshops help participants:
o  Identify overlooked assets that can serve as foundations for Internet innovation

o  Assess the suitability of various business models for the online initiative

o  Determine the need for the online product

o  Assess the suitability and feasibility of various channel realignment scenarios associated with online innovation

o  Understand the importance of strategic partnerships and alliances

o  Learn how to overcome corporate culture and other structural barriers that may arise when going online

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