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Ron Dayan  President/CEO; Founding Member

Helen Bennett  Vice President; Founding Member

Marcia Kuchner  Vice President of Finance

Kristy Weiler  Strategist; Founding Member

Michael Clausen  Associate Strategist; Founding Member

Brad Mehl  Strategist

Kimberly Kushner  Architecture & Technology Strategist
Ron Dayan
As the President and founder of Complete-e Strategies, Ron leads a team of experienced e-business analysts and researchers in helping clients achieve their business goals on the Internet. In recent years, Ron has lead the team in business planning analysis, solution conceptualization and the development of business and marketing guidelines for established companies such as IBM, US West, Prudential, and new e-ventures such as Younology, NewChannel, and Espro. He is recognized as an industry expert for his work on channel realignment, multi-party e-commerce models, and e-commerce strategies for traditional retailers.

Prior to founding Complete-e Strategies, Ron served as Executive Vice-President of Strategy at IllusionFusion! Interactive, one of the country's top 25 Web development agencies. At IllusionFusion!, Ron headed the strategy department, providing strategic planning services to major clients such as John Deere and Fannie Mae, and forging partnerships between IF! and content, technology, and marketing companies.
Ron began his career at IllusionFusion as the senior project manager for the Gateway 2000 e-commerce site redesign.

Earlier in his career, Ron held the position of director of business development and Internet operations at the Hertz Technology Group (NASDAQ: HERZ). There he initiated, evaluated, and negotiated distribution contracts, strategic partnerships, and joint venture agreements on behalf of Hertz & Associates clients.

Prior to that, Ron has worked as a marketing and business development consultant, a database programmer-analyst, a media advisor and a financial manager.

Ron earned his bachelor's degree in business administration and political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He received his masters in political economy and comparative politics from Columbia University where he has also completed his Ph.D. coursework in political economy. [top]

Helen Bennett
As Vice President and a founding member of Complete-e, Helen is responsible for client and agency relationships. Prior to joining Complete-e, Helen was a Group Account Director at IllusionFusion! Interactive where she worked on such accounts as Fannie Mae, Prudential, US West, Kitchen Etc., and Intelisys.

Helen is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of client relations and marketing experience. Earlier in her career, Helen served as a consultant to companies developing their web sites. She was the Director of Communications at MediVault, Inc., a software development and technology services company, where she was responsible for all aspects of corporate marketing, including public relations and internet and intranet development.
Earlier in her career she was the Manager of A/V Services at the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau where she promoted New York City as a destination to international media.

Helen also served as a Press Representative and Audience Development Specialist for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Helen graduated with honors in economics from Barnard College. She holds a Masters of Science degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  [top]

Marcia Kuchner
As Vice President of Finance, Marcia brings nearly twenty years of experience to the Complete-e. Previously, Marcia spent 14 years as CFO at Invemed Associates, Inc. and Brimberg & Co. A native of New York City, Marcia attended Hunter College and received her financial education at the New York Institute of Finance.  [top]

Kristy Weiler
As a founding member of Complete-e Strategies, Kristy is an experienced e-business strategist and has worked closely with Ron on strategic planning engagements for clients such as Espro, US West, and Prudential.

Prior to joining Complete-e, Kristy served as a strategic associate at IllusionFusion! Interactive. Kristy began her career at IllusionFusion! as the strategic services associate for the Fannie Mae site redesign, where she devised an analysis of the company's business model and competitive landscape that would be used to inform the positioning and branding recommendations.
Kristy played a leading role on numerous other accounts including Waterford-Wedgwood and Kitchen Etc., in which she worked to provide a strategic plan to create a best-of-breed e-retail Web site.

Earlier in her career, Kristy served as a consultant in the National Market Planning division at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Kristy received her bachelor's degree in international economics and French from the College of William & Mary.  [top]

Michael Clausen
Another founding member of Complete-e, Michael has worked extensively with Kristy and Ron on a variety of engagements for clients such as US West, Espro, and Waterford-Wedgwood.

Before joining Complete-e, Michael was a research associate in the Strategic Services department of IllusionFusion! Interactive. At IllusionFusion!, Michael researched and wrote briefs, created competitive audits, and maintained the departmental knowledge database, as well as assisted the other members of the team in the execution of strategic assignments.
Prior to leaving IllusionFusion!, Michael played a crucial role in the creation of a market entry strategy for the Internet start-up YOUnology.

Michael began his career as a financial associate in Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.'s private client division after earning a bachelor's degree in political science from Columbia University.  [top]

Brad Mehl
Brad is an experienced internet and marketing strategist with over ten years experience in building brands and revenue for some of the world's fastest growing companies. He has regularly appeared as a featured speaker on Internet marketing at international conferences over the last three years.

Brad has successfully developed marketing plans and operations for companies from start-up to IPO: Bolt.com and CDNOW. At Bolt.com, Brad served as Vice President of Marketing where he oversaw all marketing activities. During his tenure the Bolt community grew by one million registered members and revenue increased 300%.
At CDNOW Brad served as Director of Marketing where he launched the brand online and offline in both the United States and overseas. Under his leadership, revenues grew from $6 million to $56 million.

Earlier in his career, Brad was a Marketing Manager at Time, Inc. a Strategic Planner at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

Brad holds an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business and earned his B.S. degree from Cornell University.   [top]

Kimberly Kushner
Kimberly Kushner brings a strong blend of management, technical skills and creativity to Complete-e. As an Architecture and Technology Strategist, Kim is responsible for proposing solutions that validate and balance the client's business needs and goals and the user's experience with back-end processes and integration. Kim is also responsible for fostering relationships and managing production with outside development partners.

For the past year, Kim has been providing Information Architecture and Production services to interactive agencies on a consulting basis. Her experience includes strategizing, designing and implementing large e-commerce and content sites for such clients as Espro, Kitchen Etc., European Press Network, and Clairol Professional.
Earlier in her career, Kim was a Product Development Manager for CT Corporation for two and a half years, where she was responsible for designing and launching client/server software applications for the insurance industry. She was also the lead technical sales expert, providing product demonstrations and training to the sales team, executive board, trade shows, and end-users. Prior to that, Kim worked on Wall Street for three years as an account manager for such firms as J.P. Morgan and ING Barings.

Kim graduated magna cum laude from Boston College with a BS in Marketing.   [top]

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