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.E-Potential Evaluation
Complete-e's team conducts "e-potential evaluations" to help traditional companies leverage their legacy assets to branch into an entirely new, but complementary line of business on the Web. Using its comprehensive methodology, Complete-e advises clients on how best to utilize the Internet to achieve synergistic expansion, establish a leadership position online, and create new sources of revenue.

Complete-e's e-Potential Evaluation Methodology includes:
o Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

Complete-e conducts a SWOT analysis to identify the untapped potential in clients' corporate assets, including brand equity, intellectual property, technologies, business relationships, and established customer base.

o  Industry Trends and Competitive Landscape

Complete-e uses its proprietary industry mapping methodology to fully examine a client's industry online, identifying new threats such as nimble Internet pure-play companies, industry first-movers and low barriers to entry. Complete-e then analyzes the client's competitive landscape and online positioning using a Web-based audit tool.

o Channel Role and E-commerce Suitability Analysis

Complete-e utilizes proprietary models and tools to develop the e-commerce strategy most suitable for a client's business and industry. To establish the appropriate online channel role for our client, Complete-e conducts a value-chain analysis and evaluates the feasibility of channel realignment opportunities. To determine the suitability of e-commerce to a client's business objectives, Complete-e examines the client's company, products and brand along 22 critical variables.

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