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.The e-Business Surrogacy Solution
Complete-e Strategies employs its two-phase e-Business Surrogacy model to help companies introduce new ventures on the Internet. This model is highly suitable for established corporations, which often lack the management team and focus required to promptly bring a new venture to market.

During Phase One, Complete-e performs "e-potential evaluations" to identify the hidden Internet potential in our clients' corporate assets. We then develop the concept and a plan for launching a new, but complementary business venture onto the Web.

During Phase Two, Complete-e steps in to serve as interim management, guiding clients through early venture development. This arrangement is beneficial to corporations that are short on resources, as it allows them to outsource the entire seed and proof-of-concept phase. It lowers the company's overall risks, buys them time to hire long-term talent, and avoids bringing venture capital into the picture too early.

Complete-e assembles a team to perform any or all of the following duties during the seed and proof-of-concept effort:

o  create a detailed project plan for the development of the product

o  assume a hands-on management role

o  handle recruitment initiatives to hire the talent needed for the long-term

o  select and contract with vendors, including:

    - interactive agencies
    - public relations firms
    - legal and accounting services

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