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New York City, August 29, 2000 — Today Complete-e Strategies announced that Marcia Kucher, a veteran in the financial industry, will serve as the companyıs Vice President of Finance.

Marcia also serves as Chief Financial Officer of the Sunrise Financial Group, a leading technology investment firm which backs Complete-e Strategies.

Dubbing itself an "e-business surrogate", Complete-e Strategies works with existing companies to identify untapped "genetic material" in their corporate assets, and to conceive of an entirely new, but complementary, line of business on the Web. Complete-e then steps in to give birth to the new entity by serving as interim management. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to consulting, Complete-e Strategies also supports clients with research-driven analysis, strategic partnering and financing.

In her role as Vice President of Finance, Kucher will oversee all financial aspects of Complete-e Strategies, including budgets, financial statements and annual reports. Marcia will also play an integral role in the company's "e-business surrogacy" interim management arrangements.

"With over 25 years experience in the financial arena, we're thrilled to have an industry expert like Marcia on board, " said Ron Dayan, President and CEO of Complete-e Strategies. "Marcia's expertise and sharp business skills will make her a valuable member of our team."

Before joining Complete-e Strategies, Kucher spent 3 years as CFO of Invemed Associates and 11 years as CFO of Brimberg & Co., both New York based securities firms where she was responsible for all financial reporting. A native of New York, Kucher attended Hunter College and received her securities education at the New York Institute of Finance.

About Complete-e Strategies
Moving beyond the traditional business incubator model, Complete-e Strategies employs its innovative "surrogacy" strategy to help companies build new Internet ventures. Its team of Internet strategists performs "e-potential evaluations" to assist established companies in leveraging their legacy assets to branch into an entirely new line of business. The team then assumes a hands-on management role, carrying the new business from conceptualization to the early financing stages. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to consulting, Complete-e Strategies supports clients with research-driven analysis, strategic partnering and financing. Based in New York City, Complete-e Strategies was founded in January of 2000 by Ron Dayan, Helen Bennett, Kristy Weiler, and Michael Clausen. The company is backed by The Sunrise Financial Group.

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