"Assistance for High-Tech Companies in Crisis"

By John Ben-Zakan, 9/3/00

The American strategic consultation firm Complete-e and the Israeli DayanPR company have launched a joint venture intended to assist high tech companies in crisis.

DayanPR CEO Moshe Dayan said that the phenomenon of crises in high tech companies and in the new economy is on the rise. "The rapid growth of these companies, and their value, which is based in many cases on expectations, lead to crises which plunge companies into a spiral of decreased reliability and lost prestige," Dayan said. "Since these companies are founded largely on future prospects, rumors and various image problems can lead to their collapse."

The new venture is intended to provide such companies with comprehensive advice on a number of subjects, including public relations and image issues. It will offer a package of consulting services to help companies recover from such crises, including strategic analysis focusing on the company's strengths and weaknesses, commercial opportunities and risks, survivability, and image enhancement techniques.

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