"New Businesses for Existing Companies"

By: Joe Ben Zaken, 5/18/00

Ron Dayan, an Israeli entrepreneur operating in the US, has founded a new company whose goal is to utilize the potential of technological companies and assist them in furthering their development.

The company, named complete e-Strategies, is based in the US. The concept on which it is based is to assess and examine the activities and resources of a technology company and make the most of the possibilities for renewal in the commercial or R&D fields. Often, these companies, especially if they are not very large, seem not to tap their true development and renewal potential and remain too enclosed and penned in within themselves.

The newly established company does not only supply these technology companies with consulting services, but rather establishes an "incubator" inside the company, and thus assists it during the establishment of a new line of business, including its management and the recruiting financing.

Ron Dayan related that this is a new concept. "We propose to existing companies that they develop new businesses without investing their capital and resources in these businesses. We take the company's infrastructure and establish new enterprises, with the financing of various venture capital funds with which we have ties.

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